Your wedding gown is one on the most valuable items you will own in your lifetime. We offer a range of wedding gown services to preserve your memories of your special day. From restoring a precious family heirloom gown for you to wear, to hand cleaning your dress after the wedding, we will pay special attention to the fabric, beading and fine details. We also offer Gown Preservation to ensure that the next generation can experience the beauty of your wedding gown.


Hard as it is to keep your gown looking perfect during your wedding day, it may accidentally get stained by soda, sugar, perspiration and body oils. These stains dry clear and can not be seen until hours or even days after your wedding. This can cause discolouration if left untreated. We will evaluate your wedding dress and consult with you before cleaning. 


Following the cleaning process, your gown can be gently folded, placed in acid-free tissue to prevent wrinkling and stored in a breathable box to preserve your gown and its memories. At Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning we vow to treat your cherished bridal gown with utmost care.

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